"A Little Motel with a lot of Heart"

"I stayed at Sherwood Forest this past weekend and this was the first time in one year. Since then your property looks great, the rooms are perfect, as well as a great rate for town. I visit town frequently and the Sherwood seems to be the best choice now." - Charles, December 2019

To our community and guests:

Today we announce that, after three generations, our “Little Motel with a lot of Heart” will have new owners as of September 1st, but will remain an integral part of our eclectic and incredibly passionate community.

If you’ve lived in Southern Humboldt for any amount of years, it’s hard to recall a time when Sherwood Forest wasn’t there. There is something entirely unique about our property, described to us by guests in our office over coffee, their faces softening the way one greets an old friend. We’re part of a million different journeys - people from all over the world have shared their experiences with us, and those stories are a part of our journey, too.

To the family from Switzerland whose car broke down along the Avenue, we still remember you. To the couple with the show dogs, the coffee-shop owner from Portland, our Pride in the Redwoods family – and Gordy! To Buddy’s Car Show, our Redwood Run family, childhood friends, high school teachers, first loves and countless others - thank you. We love you all, and we know the best for Southern Humboldt, and Sherwood Forest, is yet to come. Thank you for your support these last 45 years, and we wish the new owners luck as their journey begins!


“Radar” & Junie, Dave & Tanner

Secluded Oasis in the center of town

We are a small, family owned motel on two acres of private property in Southern Humboldt County, California, and are conveniently located 4hrs north of San Francisco.

We are under new ownership as of September 1st, 2020, and are currently closed for renovations - check back soon!